Extending Fractions G5

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When children focus, they can achieve math mastery—help them zero in on skills with the Spectrum® Focus series. Spectrum Focus: Extending Fractions for grade 5 guides children through the challenging world of fractions by providing extensive instruction, thorough explanations, and rigorous practice to help them achieve skill proficiency.

A strong home-to-school relationship helps kids see the whole picture when it comes to math, and with Spectrum Focus: Extending Fractions for grade 5 kids can practice converting fractions to decimals, adding and subtracting fractions, solving word problems, and more right at home.

Packed with introductions, explanations, and comprehensive assessments, the Spectrum Focus series offers an in-depth learning experience and is designed to help every child meet (and exceed) expectations. This standards-based workbook doesn’t just prepare children for classroom success—it helps them make real-world connections by applying fractions to everyday scenarios.


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