Book Dly Summer Activ Gr3 To 4

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The transition from third to fourth grade can be a big step for some children and the exercises in Daily Summer Activities, Moving from Third to Fourth Grade, can help keep skills fresh in their minds.

Language Arts practice:

  • a fiction and non fiction story with comprehension questions each week
  • sentences to correct for capitalization, punctuation, and grammar
  • 10 spelling words to learn each week
  • cursive handwriting practice
  • creative writing activities
  • alphabetical order
  • contractions
  • parts of speech
  • synonyms, antonyms, and homophones

Mathematics practice:

  • multiplication and division facts
  • word problems
  • two-and three-digit addition and subtraction with borrowing and carrying
  • dividing by one digit
  • multiplication by one and two digits
  • fractions
  • graphing

Geography skills:

  • map symbols
  • map reading
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